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Submitted: 08 July 2011 Modified: 11 July 2011

Herdin Record #: R11-DMSF-07081110070316

Comparison of computer assisted instruction with a lecture-demonstration format in teaching restorative dentistry


1Maria Lourdes D. Doce Author

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Research Journal of the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc
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Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc.


Specific objectives of the study

A. Describe the profile of second year
dental students in terms of age, sex,
computer background , and computer
usage confidence;

B. Compare the performance of students
who udentwent lecture-demonstration
instruction against those who had CAI
on the topic of amalgam insertion,
condensation, and carving techniques;

C. Determine the perceptions and attit-
udes of the students towards the
lecture-demonstration format and CAI
as strategies in learning amalgam
inserion, condensation, and carving



The information technology (IT) infrastructure and the newly acquired laboratory equipment of the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. (DMSFI) provide an environment conductive to computer assisted instruction (CAI), an alternative teaching strategy that has gained ground in medical and allied health education. Elsewhere in the world, the global computer revolution creates the impetus for DMSFI faculty to integrate this innovation into the curriculum and augment the traditional lecture method.

This study compared the effectiveness of CAI and the lecture-demonstration method on students’ knowledge and skills acquisition and determined their attributes towards the use of the two strategies. Twenty-two sophomore dental students enrolled in Restorative Dentistry II were matched and randomly assigned to the lecture-demonstration and CAI groups. Class sessions for both groups followed the same learning objectives, but differed in the teaching strategy employed to deliver content.

The instruments used to measure changes in the students’ knowledge and skills were a written exam and a practical test developed with the help of the course instructor. These tests were devised specifically for the requirements of this study. To ensure the validity of these measures, they were first pilot tested on junior and senior dental students who had already passed the course. Cronbach’s coefficient alpha was used to test the reliability of these instruments. Separate questionnaires were developed to measure attitudes towards the instructional strategy.

Based on the scores obtained by the two groups on the written and practical tests, it is indicated that CAI is just as effective as the lecture-demonstration method in teaching concepts of Restorative Dentistry. However, based on the results of the attitudes measures, the students perceived the lecture-demonstration method to have been more effective.

It is recommended that computer assisted instruction be encourage as a supplemental teaching strategy at the DMSFI College of Dentistry

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